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Make Your Own Fish Tank

In recent years the popularity of aquariums has increased as people look for less demanding yet interesting pets. These people want to keep an attractive piece of aquarium furniture in their homes and some even make their own fish tanks.

Before going deep into our discussion about the aquarium and how to make one let us give a brief synopsis of what an aquarium actually is. An aquarium, in the modern sense, is an artificial place where small aquatic animals including fish, invertebrates and amphibians, along with aquatic plants can be kept. Such places  are made of transparent materials, so that one can get a clear view of the movements of the aquatic animals inside the aquarium.

Aquariums no doubt enhance the beauty of anyone's home but some people also get great pleasure from building their own. Though there are many beautiful aquariums available, there is one main advantage in making your own . By creating a DIY aquarium you can design it according to your own preferences.

To make an aquarium you must have the basic knowledge about the materials necessary for the tank. Let us discuss the essential things needed for making an aquarium.

The most important thing for making an aquarium is glass. The glass panes are bonded tight with the help of silicone. For decorative purpose plastic frames from the upper and lower edge are sometimes used.

If you do not want to use glass in making aquarium, you can use acrylic. Acrylics are good substitute of glass; they are stronger than glass. The most important advantage of using the acrylics that you can give them unusual shapes to make your aquarium unique. Remember that acrylics are more prone to get scratching. You have to take good care of it to maintain it's clarity.

You can also make your aquarium with laminated glass. In this case you will get both the advantages of glass and acrylics. Here one thing must be made clear to you that if you want to make large aquarium you need to use stronger thicker glass. 

If you want to make an aquarium, buy all the materials before beginning and remember these materials must be of good quality. Arranging the materials about the pattern of the aquarium will reduce any confusion when assembling the components.

While making aquariums always keep in your mind the weight of the water and the pressure of the water. If you are making aquarium for your home, it can be of a small in size while also being rather heavy. Remember that one liter of water has the mass of one KG.

At the same time the pressure of the water must be remembered. To make an aquarium you have to calculate the amount of water your aquarium can hold and on the basis of it imagine the water pressure. You should take every precaution so that your aquarium may not crumble under the pressure of the water by ensuring each silicone join is even and complete.

Many professional aquarium manufacturers will use a wooden jig or set of framing clamps to ensure a top job. Such framing clamps consist of a loop that can be tightened and fastened in place. There are four corner pieces attached to the loop that hold the panes at 90 degree angles. They allow the aquarium to set with square and parallel sides.

If all this has not put you off then here are some Aquarium Plans.

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